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What do we do with your donations? is not yet a 501(c)3 Charity.  So, you can't deduct your donation from your taxes (yet).  We hope to complete that paperwork soon.  However, we are an incorporated non-profit organization.  You money doesn't go in our individual pockets.  Here's where it does go:

Website hosting - $100 /year for the hosting service plus $35 /year for the domain name

Bulletin Board software - $125 /year

Legal Expenses - to start up the corporation and 501(c)3 - a few hundred dollars

Other planned expenses (ideas at this point) - copying, articles, subscriptions to journals, travel costs for forum leaders to attend medical conferences(?), funding research into monoamniotic twinning topics and other ideas once we get the non-profit paperwork done.

How do we accept donations?

We are accepting donations through PayPal.  PayPal gives you a variety of payment options - including credit card, direct debit from your checking account or payment through your PayPal account.  The system is secure - using SSL technology to encrypt the transaction between your web browser and the PayPal web server.  In fact, we never see your credit card number.  The money is simply deposited into the organization's checking account.

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