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Updated January 24, 1999

Links!!!! Links to all the sites mentioned in posts and e-mail discussions by our members that I could find are listed below. As you should know when visiting any site, only the site itself can take any or no responsibility for it's content (i.e. we can't be responsible for their content!)

From time to time this list will be updated. We'll try to update them regularly. The most recent updates begin with a *.

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Medical Definitions:

Definitions and information about TTTS:

Also lists fetal & maternal risks:

Includes definitions of different types of twinning:

*A study on the delay in speech development in twins:

FetalMD definition and percentages of monoamniotic:

Definition of Wharton's Jelli or Gel which is the makeup of the umbilical cord:

A picture and description:
The definition:;/tissue10.htm


Information on types of OB/GYN ultrasounds in the consumer info section:

Very thorough reference on ultrasonography by Dr. Joseph Woo:

3-D Ultrasound:

Pictures of momo placentas:


*The UK Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Association:

*Twin Hope is a non-profit organization helping families affected by TTTS and other twin-related diseases:

Chart shows how the sacs form a certain number of days after fertilization and which twins have the greatest chance of having TTTS:

Fetal Medicine:

He discusses momo under fetal conditions. Also has information on umbilical cord ligation to help with TTTS:
Dr. Quintero MD / Mary Allen RN (note: they are honorary members to our group!)


Pregnancy complications leading to loss:

This one mentions monoamniotic with 1% of identical twins percentage:


A report on a drug to reduce amniotic fluid and therefore hopefully reduce fetal movement:

Medical journals and references:

A bio with momo diagnosis reference:

momo reference - quoted at 5% of identicals though!

US National Library of Medicine:

*Search the National Library of Medicine for references to medical journals:

*Clinical discussion of twinning:

*Papers on the benefits/risks of steroid therapy for lung development:

*A simpler version:

Support for Parents of Multiples:

A Twins Board. Has a twins list, live chats, and FAQ's on toilet training, speech delays in twins, bedrest, multiple childbirth and many more. Also where you can join the Twin-L (Listserv) - an e-mail discussion list. and

Links to twin and triplets sites:

A MOTC club - SAAMOM (San Antonio)- has reference in stats to momo's:

Has lots of links for twin sites:

Father's of Twins group:

Safety Products:

Info on helping your child through the first 3 years from the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families:

*Support for High Risk Pregnancies:

A network of support groups to help women with high risk pregnancies:

*Premature Baby Links:

A special heart to remeber our premature babies:

A preemie list with some other info at the end:

The American Associaton for Premature Infants (A.A.P.I.):

Site for products especially for the care of preemies in NICU:

Links back to our Momo Site (that we know of):

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