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Letter of Introduction

Dear Friends:

Hello and welcome to the web page of the Monoamniotic Monochorionic (Mo-Mo) Twin support group! This page was established as a support resource for parents diagnosed with monoamniotic twins or parents of monoamniotic twins. It is supported entirely by members and is not affiliated with any medical organization.

Having found this page, you are probably aware of the implications of having monoamniotic twins and the frightening statistics used by the medical community. This page is dedicated to anyone who is encountering the stress of expecting monoamniotic twins or who endured the unique problems and endless worry of monoamniotic twins to have healthy babies. We especially dedicate this page to parents who have suffered the loss of one or both of their twins.

Monoamniotic twins are less than one percent of all twin pregnancies. It is so rare that even the medical community has not reached a consensus on how to handle these cases. This web page contains the most current information available about monoamniotic twins and the various treatments used by the medical community. It also contains the greatest resource of all, parents who have already made this journey or those who have just embarked on the journey.

Like you, all of us were scared and alarmed by the diagnosis. I would like to offer you some very encouraging news. From our group's experience, more than 40% of the couples who find this support group, find they were misdiagnosed! New technology has resulted in earlier and earlier diagnosis of twins. With identical twins, an amniotic (separating) membrane is very thin and extremely difficult to find. Some couples have found a separating membrane as late as 24 weeks! Our message, keep the faith, especially if your diagnosis is early in your pregnancy.

Among the couples who have found this page and were truly diagnosed as monoamniotic, 60% have had two healthy babies. We will not trivialize the situation. There are serious complications to this type of pregnancy and success is not guaranteed. Every case is different and unique. Your care is best managed by a trusted medical professional. But we have found that sharing information about the different monitoring techniques and approaches has helped each couple prepare for their own cases and make informed decisions.

We like to tell all new parents-to-be of monoamniotic twins to Keep the Faith! It can be faith in God, faith in each other, or faith in the best possible outcome, but something to hang onto as you focus on the goal of having healthy babies. We encourage you to monitor this site and become as active members in the ongoing dialogues as you are comfortable. Please feel welcome to visit often and to use the resources available through this web site to their fullest.

Keep the Faith!!!!

Monoamniotic Support Group Founders

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